Venezia Millenaria

Venezia Millenaria

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Venezia Millenaria (700 - 1797)
Hespèrion XXI; Panagiotis Neochoritis; La Capella Reial de Catalunya; Le Concert des Nations
Jordi Savall
Book/Livro + SACD
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For approximately a thousand years, from 700 to 1797, the city of Venice played a pre-eminent role in the Mediterranean and in the history of the world. Situated in a lagoon fed by two rivers where a number of small, precarious settlements had grown up along the coast, Venice was founded by the Byzantines, who made it a crossroads between the East and the West. This essentially aquatic city, with its network of canals, attracted merchants of many different origins who worked towards a common goal: to create a thriving hub of business, exchange and interests.

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