Richter in Hungary (1954-1993)

Richter in Hungary (1954-1993)

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Richter in Hungary (1954-1993)
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Diapason dOrDiapason d'Or  Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten KritikPreis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik

Sviatoslav Richter concerts recorded by the Hungarian Radio

I think I can safely claim to speak for many Hungarian musicians, when I say that from our childhood on, for decades, Richter’s concerts were the greatest musical experience we had. We were fortunate that he was happy to play in Hungary. In addition to his indescribable personal aura, his unique physical and intellectual characteristics, the simplicity, thoughtfulness and honesty of his approach supplied us for years with the strength and the desire to study and make music. 
He did not play the works, but – like the greatest of actors – lived them. I don’t know if it is possible to explain to anybody the extraordinary phenomenon his personality and playing created. We can only hope that this can also be sensed through the recordings, for Richter is one of the few performers whose individuality is clearly manifest on a recording, regardless of its quality, and at each subsequent listening his playing gives a greater, more staggering experience than we are able to remember. 
I wish much pleasure to those who will remember him on the basis of these CDs, and also to those who through them will come to know Richter.
Dezső Ránki

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