Pannon Blue

Pannon Blue

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Pannon Blue
Kristóf Bacsó TRIAD & Lionel Loueke
2016 © BMC Records #232
Kristóf Bacsó – saxophones, effects
Árpád Tzumo – keyboards, Fender Rhodes, piano
Márton Juhász – drums
Lionel Loueke – guitar, voice (1-5, 7-9)

"We founded TRIAD three years ago so that we could discover together the great musical unknown, places never seen before, places we could only get to with each other’s help. On this adventure we are joined by the brilliant guitarist Lionel Loueke, who with his openness, modesty, and special personality, made our journey even more beautiful and exciting. I feel that the music welcomed us, and we found a new home.
Nowadays millions of people are setting out for real into the unknown, hoping for a better life, because they want to – or because they have to. I hope they too will somewhere find welcome and acceptance..."
Kristóf Bacsó

1. Ad Libitum No. 1
2. Hanna is Here
3. This is for Ornette
4. Angry Little Pig
5. Who Never Came Back
6. Don’t Turn Back
7. Nu Blue
8. Ad Libitum No. 2
9. Pannon Betyars on the Land of the Pampas