Péter Eötvös: Paradise Reloaded (Lilith)

Péter Eötvös: Paradise Reloaded (Lilith)

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Péter Eötvös: Paradise Reloaded (Lilith)
Opera in 12 scenes
Annette Schönmüller; Holger Falk; Eric Stoklossa; Rebecca Nelsen; Gernot Heinrich; Andreas Jankowitsch; Michael Wagner;
Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra (dir. Gregory Vajda)
BMC Records #226
2 CD
The world premiere of the opera Die Tragödie des Teufels (The Tragedy of the Devil) took place in 2010 in Munich. The libretto was written by the young German playwright Albert Ostermaier. Following the premiere, Péter Eötvös decided to make some revisions to the opera, and the resultant piece was given the title Paradise Reloaded. This is effectively a new work in its own right. It follows the plot of the original piece, but there are some key points where the new material completes or even reconsiders the original plot. For example, in the original play the main protagonist is Lucifer, but for Paradise Reloaded the spotlight falls on to a different character – this is Lilith, who was the first wife of Adam. So in the new piece, Peter Eötvös explores a hypothetical question: what would have happened if our culture – which is explicitly based on the Bible – had chosen Lilith to be the ancestress of mankind, instead of Eve?