Henricus Isaac

Henricus Isaac

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Henricus Isaac
Nell tempo di Lorenzo de' Medici & Maximiliano I
La Capella Reial de Catalunya; Hespèrion XXI;
Jordi Savall
2017 © Alia Vox
With the release of this new recording dedicated to Heinrich Isaac, in memory of the 500th anniversary of his death, ALIA VOX pays tribute to one of the greatest Renaissance composers. Heinrich or Henricus Isaac, as we shall call him, was born in Brabant but spent most of his life travelling around Europe, from his native Flanders to the court of Burgundy, Austria, and then Italy and Germany. At the invitation of Lorenzo the Magnificent, in 1488 he moved to Florence, the city he continued to call home through all his travels, and where he became a highly regarded and much admired member of the Medici court. Some years after the death of Lorenzo the Magnificent in 1492, he also became the principal composer at the court of Emperor Maximilian I of Habsburg (1497) until his death, and, notwithstanding his extensive travels, spent most of his time in Florence.

"Jordi Savall and his musicians excel in this repertoire and seem more at home with this harmonious idiom than they do in later work. As the music reaches 1517, it also marks the 500th anniversary of Luther’s Reformation. History brought to life." (Nicholas Kenyon, in The Observer)
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