Gergely Vajda: Clarinet Symphony

Gergely Vajda: Clarinet Symphony

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Gergely Vajda: Clarinet Symphony / Alice Études / Persistent Dreams
Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra;
János Szepesi; Gábor Varga; Nathan Giem; Tamás Cs. Nagy; 
Gergely Vajda (dir.).
BMC Records © 2018

Everything comes full circle. Some time in the early 1990s I wrote my first pieces for my own instrument, the clarinet. These pieces are still valid, and they work as music. There is something natural in a composer performing his own works. Music composed by a performer-composer is idiomatic by default: the marriage of technique and content takes place without the often unrequested but indispensable help of the match-makers, virtuosos and conductors. This of course does not automatically mean that the notes are easy to play. Seeing and hearing this, the audience too feels that they become the part of something original, something valid, that they can receive the information, the experience, without alienation, or without the intervention of an “interpreter”.