Electrochronicle: Péter Eötvös

Electrochronicle: Péter Eötvös

11.50 EUR
Electrochronicle: Péter Eötvös
2002 © BMC Records #72

Listen to a sandbox. BMC opens a fascinating view onto an original creator’s work with “Electrochronicle,” wherein Eötvös revisits 1970s electroacoustic work and improvisations. But it’s not unsupervised play. Each piece involves lines crossing themselves or other lines.
(Grant Chu Covell, in La Folia)

The recording of “Now, Miss!” was made in February 1973 on the basis of Beckett’s radioplay (Embers). In this composition – similarly to Beckett’s play – we hear the dialogue of two people sitting on a beach. János Négyesy plays the violin, I play on an organ transformed with a Synthi A. The original recording was remixed, supplemented with the sound of the sea, in 2002.

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