Biber - Baroque Splendour

Biber - Baroque Splendour

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H. F. von Biber - Baroque Splendour: Missa Salisburgensis
Hespèrion XXI; Le Concert des Nations; La Capella Reial de Catalunya; 
Jordi Savall
2015 © Alia Vox
Like a great, mysterious nebula, the dazzling Missa Salisburgensis arches over the world of polychoral music by virtue of the exceptional complexity and richness of its means, which are deployed to create a unique expression in sound and space, symbolising with extraordinary exuberance and efficiency all the strength and grandeur of divine power, political and religious power. Shrouded in mystery and regarded by specialists as the Everest of polychoral compositions, this work was discovered by a Salzburg grocer in 1870. At first it was mistakenly attributed to the composer Orazio Benevoli, but now, as Professor Ernst Hintermaier explains (see his accompanying commentary), it is unanimously considered to be among the masterpieces of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, one of the greatest and most talented Austrian composers of the Baroque period.

"The Mass, like the motet in 54 parts and originally intended for Salzburg Cathedral in 1682, is a tour de force both as a composition and in this performance. It's superbly recorded [...] Even in simple stereo, the effect is magnificent, but it's all the better if you enjoy the added aural dimensions of SACD." (George Pratt, in BBC Music Magazine)
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